Wednesday, May 4, 2022

"I Just Want You"


There really isn't a better fictional couple than Anne and Gilbert. From enemies and rivals to kindred spirits... This story is all about finding true love and it's ultimately better than all the fairy tales and sensational drama in the world.

The moment when they meet... and Gilbert winks at Anne...

The infamous "Carrots" scene when Anne smashes her slate on Gilbert's head... oh, excuse me... it was his slate. This was truly "love at first slate". I've always thought it hilarious how he looks down as she picks up the slate and follows the slate with his eyes until she brings it down on his head...

When Anne takes Josie's dare to walk on the ridgepole of Moody's kitchen roof... and Gilbert is so adorably worried.

When Anne gets stage fright and can't begin her recitation at the White Sands Concert but Gilbert is there to encourage her... notice how he nods reassuringly? And then he encores her and gives her a standing ovation.

When Gilbert gives up the Avonlea school for Anne so she can stay at home... and then he touches her hair and calls her Carrots again 🥰 (Notice the absence of the slate) This is the point in the books where Anne suddenly... for one moment... realizes that she loves him... but then forgets again. 

For a moment Anne’s heart fluttered queerly and for the first time her eyes faltered under Gilbert’s gaze and a rosy flush stained the paleness of her face. It was as if a veil that had hung before her inner consciousness had been lifted, giving to her view a revelation of unsuspected feelings and realities. Perhaps, after all, romance did not come into one’s life with pomp and blare, like a gay knight riding down; perhaps it crept to one’s side like an old friend through quiet ways; perhaps it revealed itself in seeming prose, until some sudden shaft of illumination flung athwart its pages betrayed the rhythm and the music, perhaps . . . perhaps . . . love unfolded naturally out of a beautiful friendship, as a golden-hearted rose slipping from its green sheath.

Then the veil dropped again; but the Anne who walked up the dark lane was not quite the same Anne who had driven gaily down it the evening before. The page of girlhood had been turned, as by an unseen finger, and the page of womanhood was before her with all its charm and mystery, its pain and gladness. ~Anne of Avonlea

When Gilbert goes shouting about Anne's accomplishments and she gets so mad at him... 

When Anne says she would defy anyone who tried to make her fall in love with him... and Gilbert so obviously accepts the challenge...

When Gilbert tries to give Anne advice about her story and she doesn't appreciate his efforts...

When Gilbert proposes... "Anne, I've loved you for as long as I can remember. Please say yes, I need you." (tissues please... I'm crying harder than Anne.)

When Anne runs into Gilbert unexpectedly in Kingsport and he tells her he's engaged to Christine... but then he says "Don't forget me." And he's crying!!!

When Gilbert is sick and he tells Anne the most romantic words in the history of romance... "There isn't going to be any wedding. I called it off... there will never be anyone for me but you."

"I don't want diamond sunbursts and marble halls. I just want you."

I don't even like the third movie... but this moment! When Anne and Gilbert are reunited after searching for each other so long... and Gilbert thinks he's dreaming when he first sees her 😭🥰

I'm not going to even think about getting married until/unless I find someone who loves me the way Gilbert loves Anne. 


Please excuse me while I go have a good cry... and then binge on my Anne books.


Monday, April 11, 2022

The Checkmate Saga

 Here I am, going on another crazy writing idea... (again...) My brain won't give me a rest. As soon as I think I can settle down and enjoy writing just one book, my brain is like "Hey! Here are ninety-seven more ideas! And I command you to write them all!! Mwahaha!!!)

Anyway, after binging Odyssey excessively (which I do non-stop anyway... I listen to at least one episode a day...) My brain again presented me with an idea. An idea unlike any I've ever had before. Believe me, it's radical. And it's going to be a wild ride. And I can't even tell you any more than the basic summary: 

Strange things have been happening in Odyssey... which is normal... Rumor has it that the elusive criminal mastermind Checkmate is setting up new headquarters somewhere in or around the little town... and a secret agent has come to investigate... an agent with a mysterious past. Hearts and lives are on the line.

It's another epic saga, guys. Right up there with Novacom and the Green Ring Conspiracy. (Okay, realize that I'm not Marshal Younger or Paul McCusker, guys. But it's going to be interesting to say the least. IF I can pull it off.)

It is with this that I invite you to join me on a time of wonder, excitement, and new adventures. Welcome to... Adventures in Odyssey!!!

Click Here for story

Signing off,

Juliette Deroulede

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Springtime Asks...

Before I ramble on and on and on and on and on... I want to thank Ivy Miranda for tagging me! And credit to @forever_rogue for creating this tag! 

Also, I don't really know who to tag, so if you want to do this, then... be my guest!!

You saw that coming... didn't you.

Aaand... another note! (Don't worry, we'll get to the questions... eventually. All in good time.) If you finish reading this and find that you can continue to put up with me 😏 then check out my new blog post, highlighting Diana's wedding!

April - what's your favorite time of year?

"I'm so glad we live in a world where there are Octobers!" As always, Anne has said it best. Fall time... and October especially... is the most gorgeous time of the year. The crisp cool air, the breezes, the ripe fields and orchards, the glorious colors of the trees!!! 

Apples - favorite fruit?

Definitely apples. I love the old-fashioned, homey smell and flavor. And they're also fall-ish! Apple pie, apple cider, apple dumplings, apples fresh... what's not to love??

Bees - what’s your go to spring outfit?

I prefer long and flowy skirts with peasant tops... but my staple is denim skirts with any random old t-shirt and a jacket. Or often a flannel shirt... L. L. Bean's Scotch plaid flannels are my favorites!! 

Blossom - what’s your favorite flower?

White roses... I know they're supposed to be, as Anne says, "the ghost of dead love", but to me they're so refreshing-- pure, white, and sweet!

Bubbles - Do you like bubble tea?

*assumes an aristocratic English accent* What, may I ask, is bubble tea??

Changes - what signals the changing of the seasons to you?

It's a feeling in the air... Even before anything looks different, I can feel the warmth of spring, the sun of summer, the crisp breezes of fall, and the chill of winter. And it makes me smile.

Collegiate - did you go to or are you going to university? what are you or did you study?

Unfortunately, I am in university... Liberty University to be exact. Not enjoying it much (at least the tuition fees...) Studying to be an elementary teacher!

At times the mere thought of teaching frightens me to my core... 

Comfort - who is your go to comfort character?

Marilla Cuthbert. She is the kind of person I'd do just about anything to have in my life... always makes me feel better to see her!! I watch the films purely for comfort and escape... the most effective way (short of prayer) to "fix" my problems!!

And Mrs. Rachel too... Cause Marilla without Mrs. Rachel is kind of like a peanut butter sandwich, but without the jelly... 

Cream - do you wear make-up?

Nope. Not a single speck. (Remember Anne and the freckle lotion? I learn from the mistakes of others... *chuckles conspiratorially*)

Crush - any irl or online crushes?

Um actually... yes, I do. And it's in real life. I won't say much other than that he's tall, dark, and handsome... and he's very much like Gilbert. 🥰 He has the best sense of humor of anyone I've ever known irl... and can make any topic of conversation fascinating. (Even cars. I kid you not, I talked with him about cars for over an hour the other day... and it was hilarious. I hate cars too, so this is unusual for me.) Just an all-around fun person to be with...

Picture of Gilbert... because I'm not putting a picture of Nathan on here 😏

Daffodil - do you like to garden?

Um... While I love the profits of a garden... can't say I do to well with the work. I don't mind the dirt... but I most certainly do mind the bugs.

Daisy - do you have any pets? If not, do you want any?

What can I say? I live on a farm. We've got a bit of everything... horses, pigs, cows, goats, chickens, turkeys, ducks, guinea fowl, dogs, cats, a pony, and an undetermined number of mice. And yes, the darn jerseys do escape! (We have one named Dolly, btw, in honor of Green Gables...)

We have a pasture remarkably like this potato field... and yes, I have come in looking like this more times than I care to count... 

Exciting - ideal type of unplanned adventure?

Ooh... anything that would equal the unplanned adventures in the books I so love!! Perhaps falling through the roof of someone's shed whilst attempting to obtain a glimpse of a willow-ware platter? But that wouldn't be ideal. Perhaps happening upon a place like Echo Lodge with a delightful Miss Lavender in it... 

Favorites - what’s your favorite show, movie, and book?

Simple! Haven't I told you all many times over? Anne of Green Gables, Anne the Sequel, and Anne of Green Gables the series!! 🥰 Following closely on its heels is Ben-Hur 1959, film-wise, and any random Jane Austen, book-wise. And The Scarlet Pimpernel series, of course!! 

I'm just trying to back off a bit on the Anne overload, guys...

Flowers - what’s the nicest thing someone has surprised you with?

A meal at an authentic historical tavern... after my first graduation from college... was a wonderful day!!!

Fun Facts - what’s something people would never guess about you?

To people in real life? That I'm a writer. 

Grass - do you get hayfever or spring allergies?


Hobby - what hobbies do you have or want to get into?

Oh boy, you name it. Reading, writing, history, cooking, baking, tatting, crocheting, knitting, spinning, cross-stitch, embroidery... etc. 

Holiday - favorite springtime holiday?


"He is not here: for He is risen, as He said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay." -Matthew 28:6, KJV

Introspective - what’s one thing you would have done differently in your life?

Oh boy. Where do I start? There are a lot of things I would have done differently. A LOT. I suppose, taking my schoolwork more seriously would have been a very good thing. Sorry, I just can't think deep on the spur of the moment... 

Jam - favorite thing to bake?

Any kind of muffins, cake, pie, cookies... I have a terrible sweet tooth. And I'll bake anything!!

Even though plum puffs don't minister to a mind diseased...

Lemons - what’s your favorite type of dessert?

Any kind of pie. Preferably chocolate pecan, rhubarb, or blueberry.

Light - night owl or early bird?

Night owl! Got to fit in that reading and writing some time!!

Love - what’s your love language?

Hm... wait a minute while I go find a convenient internet quiz to find out... 

Aaaand the results are in!! Quality time is my love language!!

Matcha - what’s your go to coffee/tea order this time of year?

A cup of tea, made at home, with loose-leaf cinnamon tea from the Jefferson hotel in Virginia. Preferably served by the fire with a side of good book and shortbread cookies.

Meadow - do you prefer the beach or the woods?

Depends on the beach/woods. If it's a sandy beach with palm trees, nope. If it's a rocky coast with a lighthouse, yes! If the woods are haunted, then again, nope. 😂 If not, I love the woods!!! Especially if it is an Evergreen forest.

...and there is a white lady who walks the bridge, wringing her hands and wailing...

Money - what would you do with your life if money was no object?

Travel obsessively. Particularly to Scotland, England, Ireland... and Prince Edward Island. (you knew that was coming, didn't you??)

Music - what’s been on repeat lately?

The Anne of Green Gables soundtrack... also any given Bar J Wranglers CD and the soundtrack for Disney's Brave. Also listening to the full recording of Les Miserables, and the Novacom saga from Adventures in Odyssey... (but that's not music so...)

New - what would you do if you won the lottery?

First of all, pay off my college debt. Then probably get a little country cottage somewhere in the middle of nowhere, to read, write, and take walks in nature. All the time. 

Ocean - what’s your favorite sea creature?

Do mermaids count? No? Alright, seals then.

On/Off - what are your biggest turn ons and offs?

I guess... being in a conversation in which I and my interests/likes/dislikes are respected and someone cares about what I have to say would be a turn on for me. A turn off would be any kind of rude or offensive behavior, whether to me, or anyone else.

Partner - describe your ideal partner.

Okay, here goes. Mostly exactly like Gilbert Blythe, but if I must go more into detail, here's something I've thought about posting. Sweet and kind like Edward Ferrars, cheerful and friendly like Mr. Bingley, loyal and supportive like Colonel Brandon, a faithful friend like Mr. Knightley, strong and daring like Sir Percy Blakeney... willing to go into danger, if necessary, to help and protect those who are weak and vulnerable.

Past - what advice or wisdom would you bestow on your younger self?

Live life to the fullest, but always lean heavily on God... because there's absolutely no way you will be able to make it through life without carrying everything... and I mean everything... to Him in prayer. Help others at every moment that presents itself. Don't hesitate to read a good book. Take advantage of little things... appreciate everybody while they're there... because someday, they won't be there anymore. Don't worry about the future, it's in God's hands. And don't, I repeat don't, fall in love with someone-who-will-remain-anonymous 😏

Persona - what’s your mbti? your enneagram type?

I... have no idea what this means... so I'm skipping!

Picnic - describe your ideal spring afternoon.

A walk through the woods, a picnic by a stream with kindred spirits, afterwards a good book on the porch and a companionable fluffy cat.

Pride - what is something you’re proud of?

My baking and cooking. Not to brag, but I can't help but feel proud when I turn out something that actually looks and tastes good. 😄

Quaint - do you prefer the city, countryside, or suburbs?

Countryside. Keep me away from the city at all costs!!! 

Rain - what’s your favorite type of spring weather?

Either a gentle rain or a strong wind.

Recommendations - do you have any fanfic recommendations?

Weeell... I do have fanfiction on this blog... (hint, hint...)

Also the following (and this list is NOT exhaustive...) 

(Yes, these are all Anne fanfics...)

Sage - what life advice would you give to someone younger?

See above answer to question "What advice would you bestow on your younger self?"

Stars - are you into astrology? If so, what are your sun, moon, and rising signs?

Nope. Not at all.

Striking - what’s your favorite color?

Any shade of blue.

Status - what’s your relationship status?

Single but in love... and wondering where to go from here... 

Thrill - what is one thing you’re looking forward to?

Currently, my next meal 😂 But... I am really and seriously looking forward to falling in love for real... and getting married. 

Touch - do you like hugs?

Of course I do! 😄

Travel - if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

As I said above... Scotland, England, Ireland, Prince Edward Island... and anywhere in the U.S. that involves history. Why? Because I love those places, that's why! Scenery, sentiment, favorite book locations, and history. What's not to love??

Universe - do you think there’s other life out there or are we alone in the universe?

There is other life. But it's not aliens, it's spiritual. God, His Son, and His angels are all out there... as well as the devil and his demons.

Vernacular - what language do you wish you could speak or want to learn?

Scottish Gaelic

Warning - what would your warning label say?

Warning: Prone to random outbursts of song and/or strange spells of daydreaming.

You - what’s one thing you like about yourself? One thing you dislike about yourself?

I like that I love the things that I love, if that makes any sense. 😛 I just love being me... with all my craziness... reading, writing, loving period dramas and history... But I do NOT like my temper. (Hint: I'm a Scottish German. Be afraid, be very afraid...)

Youth - do you feel your age?

I guess so... Sometimes I feel a little older, and (on those occassions that I get slaphappy or a period drama or book affects me strongly, then I feel MUCH younger... too young, really... 😏)

Zoo - what’s your favorite animal?

*shrugs* I don't really know. Certainly not cows...

Don't stake your word of honor on cows!!

Monday, March 28, 2022

Period Drama Wedding Highlight #1

 I racked my brains for a looong time trying to choose which Period Drama wedding to highlight first. I mean, how can you possibly choose? There is really nothing quite so wonderful as a Period Drama wedding... it's the part where we're all shedding happy tears. Flowers, silk, lace, a shocking lack of satin, a beaming couple, mortal enemies glaring disdainfully in the background, a mournful spurned lover watching sorrowfully through a window, a ditzy mother waving her handkerchief and sobbing dramatically... even the occasional diabolical interrupter who comes charging in waving a pistol or incriminating document!! (kudos to those of you who caught some of those references 😄)

Anyway, I decided to just go ahead and start with a timeless favorite. (The others will come later, I promise. This will become a staple post on this blog.) What makes this wedding so much fun, actually, is not the wedding itself... but what happens before the wedding.

"Ohhh promise me that someday you and I-I-I-I!!!!"

Have you guessed what it is yet? 

You better have 😄

Yes, distinguished friends, guests, and visitors, this is the one and only... the wedding that our Anne so gloomily predicted years before with much tears and consequently dreaded... the wedding of Fred Wright and Diana Barry!!

Aren't they sweet??!

    "One evening Marilla, coming in from the orchard with a basket of apples, found Anne sitting along by the east window in the twilight, crying bitterly.

    "Whatever's the matter now, Anne?" she asked.

    "It's about Diana," sobbed Anne luxuriously. "I love Diana so, Marilla. I cannot ever live without her. But I know very well when we grow up that Diana will get married and go away and leave me. And oh, what shall I do? I hate her husband--I just hate him furiously. I've been imagining it all out--the wedding and everything--Diana dressed in snowy garments, with a veil, and looking as beautiful and regal as a queen; and me the bridesmaid, with a lovely dress too, and puffed sleeves, but with a breaking heart hid beneath my smiling face. And then bidding Diana goodbye-e-e--" Here Anne broke down entirely and wept with increasing bitterness."

Turns out, the husband Anne hated so furiously, is roly-poly Fred Wright... nothing like the man Anne "imagined Diana would marry", but as his bride so sweetly says, "I don't care what he looks like, he's got a good heart. And he's so thoughtful!" And my heart melts...

Anne may support her bosom friend wholeheartedly, but she doesn't exactly hide the fact that she doesn't have a terribly high opinion of Fred. Cue the hilarious day-before-the-wedding scene, that makes this wedding all the more memorable.

Anne and Diana are... um... supposed to be rehearsing the wedding march, or something like that. But it isn't going as planned... dressed in corsets and petticoats, with wedding finery slung all over the bedroom, they indulge in some last-minute girl time before the inevitable parting... the song chosen for the wedding march, "Oh Promise Me" is playing on a phonograph as Anne imitates the minister's wife in ridiculous dramatic style.

"Oh promise me that someday you and I!" Anne warbles while Diana giggles as only Diana can giggle, "Will take our love together to some sky! Where we can be alone and love renew..."

"If the minister's wife ever gets through the piece, I shall faint. I cannot stop it," Diana moans.

"... the flowers are in bloo-oom," Anne continues. "Can't you just see it? The buttons popping off her corset!"

"Oh, stop it." Diana gasps between giggles. "I'm going to be sick."

"Now, now." Anne settles the wedding veil on her head and pulls it over her face, with mock elegance and dignity. "This is you, nervously sweeping up the aisle on your father's arm," (she sweeps nervously)

"Your black curls frosted over with the film of your delicate chiffon veil. The perfect bride, you look into Fred's red face," (she pulls Diana off the bed and looks sentimentally into Diana's face) "And whisper, I'm unwept."

"Oh Anne, don't be mean!" Diana cries.

"Just promise me one thing," (Anne flips the veil back and attempts seriousness.) "If he faints, be sure to catch him." 

And they collapse on the bed, with a crash to rival the time they jumped on Aunt Jo, as the bed caves in. From downstairs, Diana's mother starts toward the stairs in alarm.

"Diana! Diana Barry, what in heaven's name is going on?"

Upstairs, Diana whispers fiercely, "Now you've done it!"

"Diana, answer me!" repeats the annoyed mother.

"Nothing, Mother," Diana calls back innocently. "We're just rehearsing the wedding march!"

"For pity's sake, don't march through the ceiling," Mrs. Barry rolls her eyes.

In spite of Diana's terrified nervousness, and Anne's dread, the day arrives at last. The wedding is to be in the Barry's backyard, underneath a red and white striped tent decked with gorgeous flowers. The minister's wife is singing away, and I don't see any buttons flying... The flower girl and ringbearer are fighting like cats and dogs, and Fred is standing in the appropriate spot, his face undeniably red.

Meanwhile, the bride is getting ready in her room, and almost vibrating with nervousness.

"It's all pretty much as I used to imagine it long ago, when I wept over your inevitable marriage and our consequent parting," Anne laughed. "You are the bride of my dreams, Diana, with the `lovely misty veil'; and I am YOUR bridesmaid. But, alas! I haven't the puffed sleeves -- though these short lace ones are even prettier. Neither is my heart wholly breaking nor do I exactly hate Fred."

Aunt Jo is there as well, as calmly sensible as ever. As Diana moans again that she's going to faint, Aunt Jo answers reassuringly: "If you do, I'll drag you down to the rainwater hogshead, and drop you in."

Diana's father comes to collect her and Anne gives her a reassuring hug, while the mother is appropriately hysterical and dramatic. "Oh my daughter!" she wails, "I'm losing you forever!" To which Aunt Jo replies sensibly, "Now, now. Don't get all sentimental Elizabeth. You still have Minnie May. Tears aren't lucky at weddings!" And I'm like So Mrs. Barry does have a first name...

Don't we all love Aunt Jo! 

Can we pause a moment and discuss this gorgeous wedding dress? I mean, this is one of the most exquisite wedding dresses I've ever seen! Appropriately Victorian with creamy lace, puffed elbow sleeves and a full, sweeping skirt, with a shorter overskirt of fine lace.

The wedding procession is lovely. It just makes my heart glad. Is there any better way to describe it? There's something about the winding garden path, the rose bushes, the towering old tree in the background... it's so deliciously old-timey, down-to-earth, and heartwarmingly beautiful!

And then we have Gilbert staring longingly at Anne... *and my heart melts again...* She glances back and then pretends she didn't notice him... and the romantic tension of that moment is just... well, I can't find a word to describe it. But don't we all want to shake Anne??!

Fred and Diana are duly married and, thankfully, nobody faints! The minister's wife has stopped serenading and, miraculously, the flower girl and ringbearer have stopped fighting and look decently civilized, for once. Rachel Lynde, ever the opinionated one, whispers approval to Marilla. "What a fine-looking pair!" And Aunt Jo chides Anne, who is heartily sick of Gilbert Blythe, I'm afraid. "You won't win that Blythe boy back by punishing him." To which Anne replies, with an exasperated sigh, "I wonder why everyone thinks I ought to be with Gilbert Blythe!"

(Because you were made for each other, Carrots. A more perfect match cannot be imagined.)

And as for Fred and Diana, they became a pudgy old couple far down the line... and lived happily ever after. 🥰

So. Sorry for subjecting you all to such a long post... But I hope you enjoyed anyway!! What are your thoughts on this beautiful wedding scene?? (And what period drama wedding do you want highlighted next? Let me know!!)

Till Next Post,